Saturday, 16 July 2011

dokumenteri budak sekolah

this is my first attempt  doing a video. sorry for the low quality. phone biasa je.

Monday, 6 June 2011


    its been a long time since i wrote anything on my blog. guess i'm kinda lazy to write stuff. since i'm bored so, i'm gonna write something. school holiday started a week ago and it's gonna end this week.Fuuuu..... how time fly.
    Anyways, my holiday started just by doing nothing  for 3 days straight  playing computer games, facebook-ing, youtube-ing, eating, sleeping etc. how dull.
      so before that, my friends, sya zani, makbi, nabilah invited me to go to klcc to catch a movie. i ask my parents permission to go out this Thursday, but they just gave me the silent treatment.  so I waited till   Wednesday for their approval but still No answer meaning i can't go. So i told my friend i can't go it was really sad and unfair. that night when we were eating, my mum said i can go to klcc with my friend tomorrow. then, i said to my mum " maa, my friend pergi klcc hari ni". then my mum just said 'ohhh...aa..umm...." then went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. i felt like i was being slap a thousands time. all this time my parents let me go to klcc  but they mistaken the date. i was like WTF. rugi gila tak ikut pergi klcc. tapi, i forgive my parents,coz there my parents.
 On friday, i ask arifah to eat with me at Juju a.k.a Shamaju and liyana, nik, helmi, nabby and farah A tag along too. it was fun. lama tak lepak ramai-ramai. we plan on doing a BBQ plarty but end up tak habis bincang.  Nik  told us a story about  his odd friend syuki(if i'm not mistaken) who drinksone can of 100plus and a bottle of tomato sos every night. and all of us LOL, not saying LOL buat literary laught out load. we were the loudest group there in Juju.
  after we all lepak Juju, we hang at cabin but Nik and Helmi  had to go home coz nik go a dentist apoitment and helmi had to go back to his kampung. ira came shortly after that at cabin so its was just us girl.we just talk about _______. nothing much.but funniest moment was when arifah got shited by a bird  AGAIN. 5 we plan on going to the night market, before we go there we stop by a syazani house. me and ira exited masuk rumah dia.haha.
  so after that we went to the night market and it started to rain. apa lagi. main hujan. masa kat pasar malam i bought them ice blended.habis RM16 belanja diorg.
  lepas beli ice blended buat bulatan kat tengah-tengah jalan fikir nak buat apa lepas ni. Bla,bla,bla... end up kte sambung mandi hujan at my house. yes kita betul-betul mandi hujan(picture upload nnt). that was a moment that i will remember till the day i die. miss those moment already. then i ask my parent permission to go to a sleep over at liyana's house coz ira, arifah and nabby ada and i never slep at liyana house before. i was thought my parent wont let me go but surprisingly my parent let me(guess they were feeling  guilty because of tke klcc incident) and I was like AaaaaaAaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaaaaa~
i will write about the sleep over story tomorrow. night peeps.

Monday, 28 March 2011


 semalam aku pergi birthday party niece kecil aku umur 9 tahun . so kalau birthday budak kecil, mesti lah banyak gula-gla kan?
so semalam aku hyper giler sebab makan banyak sangat candy.kah kah kah
petang semalam liyana and ira datang bukit indah semata-mata nak jumpa aku.cehh perasan gile.hahaha.  pastu liyana fikir nak surprise  arifah and atiqah tp x jadi.
kiteorg pon bergerak ke emerald, ira pergi dating. so tinggal lah aku ngan liyana hyper lari-lari kat emerald macam budak kecik. then kteorang gi kacau arifah dating. Arifah jerit macam pontianak bila nampak liyana,hahaha
then kteorg gi lepak dengan ira tinggal kan arifah menunggu prince charming.
lepas lepak kat emerald, liyana nak pergi rumah atiqah,so aku teman dia. pastu lepak lah kat rumah atiqah sampai kul 7.00.

 then liyana, arifah, and ira pergi makan kat shahmaju, aku balik sebab aku takut mak ngan ayah aku marah sebab balik waktu  mahgrib. rindu liyana....


Saturday, 19 March 2011

a week

 what did i do this  holiday? 
no much actually. I didn't accomplish anything.
list of things I wanted to do this holiday:
  1.  Finish my homework
  2. clean my room
  3. study 
  4. bake a cake
  5. jog
things I did during this holiday
  1. went to the movie with my friends(missing them already)
  2. facebooking till 3 a.m in the morning
  3. sleeep till 12 in the afternoon
  4. went shopping
  5. went to the hot air balloon fiesta(x best pon )
so i bought these dresses, this bag, aand etc. around kl  

My brother and my father both bought Sony erisson  xperia


so freakin' jealous!!!

and so freakin'  sleepy.
nnt sambung g'night

trip to singapore 2010

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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

when i'm reading a physic book



 this is my younger sister nazeera. she's 9 this year. she is seriously chubby and freakin' annoying. i always wish i have a baby sister when i was young(around the age of 5) so i can play "cooking-cooking" with her, kinda regretting that wish right now. we're always quarrel and yell at each other. that all started when she learned to talk.she think she more superior that me, she nag  a lot.but no matter how much she annoys me, i still love her. i don't say "i love you" to her, but i always  show her i love her even though she doesn't know it. she the only sister i got and i have to be thankful that god granted my wish.i had a dream yesterday that my sister never existed. it was fun at first long story short i realize i was lonely with out her. so be thankful of what you have.