Wednesday, 16 March 2011



 this is my younger sister nazeera. she's 9 this year. she is seriously chubby and freakin' annoying. i always wish i have a baby sister when i was young(around the age of 5) so i can play "cooking-cooking" with her, kinda regretting that wish right now. we're always quarrel and yell at each other. that all started when she learned to talk.she think she more superior that me, she nag  a lot.but no matter how much she annoys me, i still love her. i don't say "i love you" to her, but i always  show her i love her even though she doesn't know it. she the only sister i got and i have to be thankful that god granted my wish.i had a dream yesterday that my sister never existed. it was fun at first long story short i realize i was lonely with out her. so be thankful of what you have.