Saturday, 19 March 2011

a week

 what did i do this  holiday? 
no much actually. I didn't accomplish anything.
list of things I wanted to do this holiday:
  1.  Finish my homework
  2. clean my room
  3. study 
  4. bake a cake
  5. jog
things I did during this holiday
  1. went to the movie with my friends(missing them already)
  2. facebooking till 3 a.m in the morning
  3. sleeep till 12 in the afternoon
  4. went shopping
  5. went to the hot air balloon fiesta(x best pon )
so i bought these dresses, this bag, aand etc. around kl  

My brother and my father both bought Sony erisson  xperia


so freakin' jealous!!!

and so freakin'  sleepy.
nnt sambung g'night


  1. Lawa doh dresses kau beli <333
    especially yang second one tu, sumpah comels.
    Bag kau pun <33.

  2. kan?
    aku beli kat pasar petang dekat2 ngan mall weld.
    pasar 2 ada setiap hari jumaat. sumpah kalau ko pergi pon ko gila!
    bag aku beli kat sane.murah